60mm Insulated Doors

If you are looking for a sectional overhead door that is thicker than the standard, then you will need a 60mm insulated door. This door style has a higher degree of insulation, it’s around one and a half times thicker than your standard door.

All of our doors are made to fit each individual opening, we don’t just work off standard sizings. Our bespoke doors are tailored to fit your establishments needs completely.

Sectional Overhead Doors

This sectional door is assembled from 60mm thick panels. The panel contain a high density, CFC free polyurethane core that is sandwiched between two galvanised steel sheets. It’s also has seals on every edge; top, bottom and both sides.

This overhead doors is mainly used in locations where the division between different climate zones is important. If you need to keep your production hall or storage area at a constant temperature, the ISO 60mm door is the ideal solution!