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Industrial Roller Shutters

There’s a huge amount to take into account when running an industrial warehouse, and one of the main priorities all of units is security. And that is where our industrial roller shutters come into play, effective External Security Services.

Industrial Roller Shutters are extremely popular and have plenty of specifications to outline to meet your tastes. These are most commonly found in industrial estates, seen in loading bays, garages, and much more. However, are also popular in commercial buildings in city centres for additional protection.

BDS always aim to bring our customer’s the most creative control. This means that that you will be able to determine the size, insulation, noise cancellation, material and more.


Industrial Roller Shutters: Perfect for Security

These shutters provide a high level of security and have been designed for frequent and heavy usage. Thus making them practical during busy times, whilst also giving you peace of mind when closed. Ultimately, your door system will always need to control traffic; and this is an effective way of doing so.

Our range of doors represent a reliable, hard wearing option with tried and tested strength and security. A wide range of motors are available which enables us to determine which is best suited for the application taking into consideration; size of door, weight of door, number of operations.

In short, investing in industrial roller shutters for your warehouse will provide invaluable security. With Industrial Roller Shutters you will never have a doubt in your mind that your business is not safe. With thicker materials only furthering this; as well as handy insulating in the colder months.

Industrial Doors Manchester

Industrial Roller Shutters: External Security Services

Thanks to our years of experience, we have become one of the go-to companies for a range of commercial doors, not just roller shutters. We are proud to supply and install incredibly high quality, durable and extra sturdy industrial roller shutter doors.

We can provide standard tube motorised, high usage car park shutters, fire shutters (2/4hr rated) and insulated doors as well as standard un-insulated door over an entrance doorway to a purpose designed door to suit openings up to 10m in height/width.

Our hard-working team work to meet even your most specific expectations, working within any measurements and dimensions. Thus, with years of training and specialist knowledge, BDS are the right company to tackle any of your door and gate system queries.

BDS can install your Overhead Doors

All doors are available in a variety of finishes including; galvanised, plastisol coated and a full range of high-quality powder coating including marine/C5i grade finishes. Perforated & punched lath options are also available where airflow & ventilation to certain areas is critical. Thankfully, all installations are CE marked & compliant in line with current British standards/DHF guidelines & machinery directive.

With BDS, you never give up control or compromise. You establish your expectations, and we will make them a reality, with our blend of affordable and top-quality service making for the best of both worlds.

If you think your business premise will benefit from a new shutter system. Or you would like more information on any of the other products and serviced we provide. Please get in touch with one of the team on our contact us page!