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Industrial Doors

All Industrial Doors come with a list of many different preferences and requirements. These differ in business size, building size, location, and business function.

It is definitely important that your Industrial Doors are handled professionally. A quality new door installation is always worth the investment, both in time and money. So, when you’re planning for new doors, industrial gates, and perimeter systems always ensure that your installation is carried out by professionals.

As a result, we’re planning to ensure your door systems stand the test of time.

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Bridge Door Systems are your go-to company for any industrial door and gate systems. Our engineers work towards your vision, by providing an incomparable range of different systems. Covering everything from roller shutters and high-speed doors, to fire-certified doors and barrier systems.

Our industrial door systems offer an array of different steel and aluminum doors, being as safe, as they are protective. Additionally, we are installers of fire exit systems and steel-hinged doors that bring maximum protection to your building and those within.

With such freedom of choice can come confusion and uncertainty. However, our security system project team is here to inform and educate too, so you know which system is most suitable for you.

Industrial Doors Manchester


We prioritize the design of any industrial gates or door installation, ensuring both material and visual aesthetics suit your property’s needs. Our portfolio of products allows us to select different door manufacturers and materials that will be durable and specific to your business.

Likewise, barriers, new doors, and gate systems can come colour specified. So there is a selection of colours to choose from and options to make your new doors enhance your brand!

Bridge Door Systems Ltd supply, install & maintain a wide variety of door systems

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Industrial Doors: The solution for any industrial and commercial property

Thanks to our years of experience, we have become one of the go-to companies for a range of commercial doors, not just roller shutters. We are proud to supply and install incredibly high quality, durable and extra sturdy industrial roller shutter doors. We can provide standard tube motorised, high usage car park shutters, fire shutters (2/4hr rated) and insulated doors as well as standard un-insulated door over an entrance doorway to a purpose designed door to suit openings up to 10m in height/width.

BDS raise the concern of poor installations, as we know our team’s installations are nothing but the highest standard. Experience is always a selling point and our team have an abundance of experience. Both training and tackling different systems, this will only benefit our customer’s door systems.

With such freedom of choice can come confusion and uncertainty. However, the BDS team is here to inform and educate too, so you know which system is most suitable for you.

With BDS, you never give up control or compromise. You establish your expectations, and we will make them a reality, with our blend of affordable and top-quality service making for the best of both worlds.

Never compromise on security and protection. BDS’s prices are affordable and our services/ products are excellent quality, thus the smart option

If you are ready to splash the cash on new industrial doors. Or you would like more information on any of the other systems or services we provide. Please get in touch with one of the team on our contact us page!