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How Fastlane Speedgates will safety proof your Business

How Fastlane Speedgates will safety proof your Business

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One of our most popular gate systems is actually the internal Fastlane Speedgates system. This is because they essentially safety-proof your business, thus excluding the need for security guards. Best of all, it doesn’t matter how big your company is there will be a vital addition.

As a result of performing such a crucial function, your commercial property can only benefit from these. Not to mention how seamlessly they bed into any property, much more visually appealing than other gate systems. In addition to the highest quality of installation services here at Bridge Door Systems.

For any kind of commercial door or gate system in North England, come to Bridge Door Systems. We are a team of professional gate system installers, who work with different systems on a day-to-day basis. So with this then you will have a well-functioning gate for the long haul!

Bring your Internal Security System into 2023

Fastlane Speedgates embrace the latest entrance control technology, in order to keep intruders out. The key for access can be anything, from a lanyard to a card to even a key fob. At their fastest, these gates can process 60 different people through per minute so definitely live up to the name.

Appearance wise these will fit into any lobby, station or entrance desk due to a slick visually appealing design. This not only oozes professionalism but is also well-designed to perform its key function. Not only do the turnstiles keep intruders out, but the glass barriers certainly prevent any from even getting close.

Most Popular Uses of Fastlane Speed Gates

Most commonly these are used in lobbies, office blocks, commercial departments’ and perhaps even conferences. Simply just needed to tap the key on the surface, then the system will grant you access. If it’s declined then of course the person will be denied access to your property.

Another place these are most commonly seen is Transport Centres and Stations like Train Stations. This is because it is a means of protecting businesses and protecting customers, having metal detectors to prevent carrying weapons. If the person does not have a ticket then they will be denied access meaning they can’t use the services without paying.

In fact, there are many different control mechanisms that allow for access even being able to bring the barriers down. Believe it or not, there are websites that can communicate with the system, like Fastlane Connect.

Safety proof your business at Bridge Door Systems

The Bridge Door Systems team has been able to repair and install new Fastlane speed gate systems across Northern England. As a result, we have brought much-needed security and protection to plenty of local businesses. This is along with many different commercial door systems also, like fire exit doors for instance.

So if you are interested in our gate installation services in relation to any system get in touch. This is all you need to do and this can be done simply through our contact form. Here you can inform us of your new project and we will be able to find the perfect solution for you.