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High Usage Car Park Shutters vs. Other Security Options

High Usage Car Park Shutters

Don’t take risks with your commercial security solutions, instead select the right solution to guarantee both safety and organisation. Bridge Door Systems specialises in providing advanced security solutions, with high usage car park shutters being a flagship offering.

This analysis aims to provide a brief comparison between high usage car park shutters and other prevalent security options. Therefore, we want to address frequently asked questions to guide decision-makers in selecting the optimal security measures for their facilities.


Defining High Usage Car Park Shutters

High usage car park shutters are robust, automated barriers designed to secure parking facilities. These shutters are engineered for frequent operation, so makes them suitable for environments with heavy traffic. This is such as commercial parking garages, residential complexes, and public car parks.

They operate via motorised systems that can be controlled remotely or automatically. In fact, these feature fast-acting mechanisms that ensure minimal delay for vehicles entering or exiting the premises. Typically constructed from durable materials like steel or aluminium, these shutters provide a formidable barrier against unauthorised access.


What materials are car park shutters typically made from?

Car park shutters are commonly made from robust materials such as galvanised steel or aluminium to withstand potential damage.


What are the benefits of installing car park shutters?

Installing car park shutters enhances security by preventing unauthorised access and protects against weather elements. Additionally, these will improve the aesthetics of the building exterior.


Are car park shutters customisable?

Yes, car park shutters can be customised to fit various sizes and specifications of parking entrances. They can also be powder-coated in different colours in order to match the building’s design.


Do car park shutters require maintenance?

Like any mechanical system, car park shutters benefit from regular maintenance to ensure smooth operation and longevity. For instance, this may include lubrication, inspection of electrical components, and cleaning.


Are car park shutters easy to operate?

Yes, modern car park shutters are designed for ease of operation, often with options for manual or automated controls. This includes remote access or integration with building management systems.


Can car park shutters be installed in existing buildings?

Yes, car park shutters can be retrofitted into existing buildings with appropriate structural modifications in order to accommodate their installation.


Are car park shutters secure against break-ins?

Car park shutters provide a high level of security against unauthorised access when properly installed and maintained. They act as a physical barrier to deter theft and vandalism.


Do car park shutters offer any insulation benefits?

While primarily designed for security, car park shutters can provide some level of insulation against noise and temperature fluctuations. Ultimately, this depends on their design and material.


What considerations should be taken before installing car park shutters?

Before installation, factors such as usage, size of the opening, weather conditions, and any regulatory requirements should be evaluated. Specifically to ensure the shutters meet specific operational and safety standards.


Alternative Security Options

Auto Cantilever Sliding Gates

Auto cantilever sliding gates are horizontal gates that slide open and closed along tracks without the need for ground tracks. Above all, they offer strong physical barriers but may be slower to operate than high-usage shutters. Suitable for high traffic, auto cantilever sliding gates may require more maintenance due to their complex mechanisms and generally operate slower.


Automatic Hinged Gates

Automatic hinged gates are traditional gates that open and close on hinges used in residential and commercial settings. They provide a robust physical barrier but can be less efficient in high-traffic situations due to the space required for the gates to swing open and close. Maintenance can also be a concern, especially if the gates are used frequently.


Auto Bi-Folding Speed Gates

Auto bi-folding speed gates are designed to provide a rapid opening and closing mechanism, which makes them ideal for high-traffic environments. These gates consist of two panels that fold back to allow vehicle access, thus offering high security. While they provide a strong barrier and are faster than traditional sliding or hinged gates, their complex mechanisms may require more frequent maintenance.


Automatic Vehicle Barriers

Automatic vehicle barriers are horizontal bars that pivot to block vehicle access used in car parks and restricted areas. While they provide a visual deterrent, they are less physically robust than high-usage shutters and can be bypassed by determined intruders. They offer quick operation but may not handle the same traffic volume as efficiently as high-usage shutters.


High Usage Car Park Shutters from BDS

High-usage car park shutters from Bridge Door Systems represent a top-tier security solution for parking facilities. Above all, they combine robust security, durability, efficiency, and customisation. Contact the BDS team to begin your new shutter or gate installation project.