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Bridge Door Systems operate across the North East.  Working with many different door and gate systems of all different price ranges.

From industrial estates to schools, there are plenty of different environments, in which a Gate Turnstile system would the ideal fit. Everything from simple yet effective security, covering the whole Gate and turnstile installation.


Gate and turnstile installation in Huddersfield

Although, Bridge Door Systems have always specialised on doors before all else. Our installation teams are also trained to fulfill any of your gate system needs. With our Gate and Turnstile systems being very much popular in the aforementioned settings.


Huddersfield System

Huddersfield site secured with a top quality installation by the BDS team last week. Having worked with the end user on previous projects, Bridge Door Systems Ltd were asked to attend site to quote the traditional sliding gate for security. As well as automatic vehicle barriers for traffic management, throughout sites operational hours.

The proposed system was to include a parking display system which would detail number of spaces available and prevent access once full. Using their industry knowledge the BDS team recommended single leaf bi-folding speed gates. Thus giving the customer the ability to not only manage the traffic flow but to also maintain a secure site perimeter throughout.

Full height turnstile and fully automatic DDA pedestrian gate were also supplied & installed to restrict pedestrian access to site along with all associated civil works.

Gate and turnstile installation

Gate Turnstile systems are the ideal fit for solid security.  As they are reasonably priced, easy to maintain and functionally fantastically. So allowing you to control the traffic coming in and out of your workplace with absolute ease. Not to mention just how well they do keeping out trespassers too.

Bridge Door Systems are the ideal candidates for updating and installing any door and gate systems. With a customer satisfaction track record which is second to none.

security gates in Huddersfield Huddersfield Sliding Gates single leaf bi-folding speed gates Huddersfield