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Fire Shutters our guide to Fire Certified Doors and Insulated Shutters

Fire shutters

If you are looking for fire shutters or fire certified doors that provide style as well as substance, then look no further than Bridge Door Systems. Because, we are here to share our knowlege and experience when it comes keeping tour commercial premises safe.

What Are Fire shutters?

Fire shutter doors are designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke while protecting your property, products and most importantly the lives of people on the premises.

If you currently own a building or commercial property, you will no doubt already know the value of appropriate fire protection.

Fire shutter doors are suitable for all establishments but are most effective in high-risk areas such as kitchens. Products can offer optimum fire protection ranging from 1 to 4 hours, which can be integrated into existing fire and security alarm systems.

Bridge Doors Fire Certified Doors

Since November 2019 new legislation was introduced regarding the manufacturing, testing, and installation of fire shutters. Meaning that all rigid or flexible structures must now have separate fire tests. Also, CE marking is a legal requirement for all UK fire door shutters.

Our innovative, bespoke range of stylish and effective fire rated shutters gives you the fire-safety protection you need. With clean lines and discreet internal motors also enhancing the aesthetics of your secured premises.


Our Installations

Here at Bridge Door Systems, we understand the importance of fire doors and that you want them to look the part. We never compromise on safety or appearance. So, blending the two leads together gives you the absolute best results.

A fire rated shutter is designed to meet current fire regulations and reduce the risk of a fire spreading within a property. Each model has been tested to make sure it can contain a fire within an area of a building for 1, 2 or 4 hours.

Moreover, our fire rated shutter doors are independently tested, assessed, versatile, and durable. Including, having an impressive four-hour fire test rate.

How Much Does a Fire Door Cost?

Many customers believe that security and safety comes at a price, which can be costly. However, that is certainly not the case at Bridge Door Systems. We can offer the most affordable prices on all fire certified safety fire shutter installations.

Although, due to varying size and specifications all fire shutter doors are bespoke manufactured to individual requirements resulting in significant variance from one model cost to another. To find out more, speak to a member of our team at Bridge Door Systems.

Bridge Door Insulated and Standard Roller Shutter

Our roller shutter fire control panels are available in a variety of finishes including; galvanised, plastisol coated and a full range of high-quality powder coating including marine/C5i grade finishes. Perforated & punched lath options are also available where airflow and ventilation to certain areas is critical. All installations are CE marked & compliant in line with current British standards, DHF guidelines & machinery directives.

We offer a site survey facility where we can discuss your requirements and provide a detailed quotation. Contact a member of our friendly sales team today to discuss how the Bridge Door Systems can meet your company’s fire shutter requirements.