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Finding the Gate or Barrier best for your Business

Gate or Barrier
Most customers come to us with a preconceived Gate or Barrier Selection, which is great for establishing specifications. However, with all the barrier options on the market, they often overlook better solutions.
As gate and barrier installation specialists, Bridge Door Systems has observed that it isn’t worth investing in a solution to one problem. An effective gate or barrier system should be a business entrance, allow for entry management and offer security solutions. A quick scroll through our website would introduce you to many gate types, as we shall with this blog.


The Four Main Types from BDS

At Bridge Door Systems, not only do we install gate & barrier systems, but we also repair and replace them. This has allowed our team to understand the ins and outs of our gate and barrier systems. Not to mention all of your specifications, this remains the most important factor, from gate automation to traffic control.

Below are the four main types of Gates/ Barriers and what settings they are best equipped for. Each one of the gate systems comes in single and double-door models, so take a look:


Auto Bi-Folding Speed Gates

More so than others, Auto Bi-Folding Speed Gates has the best vehicle access control and commercial security. This is due to their sheer size and height, yet having the smoothest swing gates too. The name truly says it all, as the operating times are incredibly quick and allow enough time for each vehicle to get through.


Auto Cantilever Sliding Gates

Auto Cantilever Sliding Gates specialise in perimeter protection above all else due to the design. Aluminium, as the material, is prone to most forms of corrosion, and the motor controls allow for easy authorised access. Compared to other systems, these require little control and monitoring, allowing only authorised vehicles in.


Automatic Hinged Gates

For a more streamlined solution, consider Automatic Hinged Gates for their smaller design catered to areas with lower traffic flow. These function using motor controls or hydraulic arm operators with durable swing gates. The controls paired with the hinged design mean potential crashing hazards are massively reduced.


Automatic Vehicle Barriers

Boom Gates, or as they are better known, Automatic Vehicle Barriers, are purely physical barriers to control ingoing and outgoing traffic. These turnstiles can work with many different control systems and can be installed in any commercial setting. The only downside is the amount of pedestrian access this grant, despite there being workarounds.


Find your dream Gate or Barrier system at BDS

Bridge Door Systems are specialists in installing different barriers and gates available. No matter if you have identified an exact model or need a few ideas, BDS can help. Not to mention, a professional installation is incomparable to any other on the market right now.

To get one of the four systems installed, all you need to do is get in touch with our team. By filling out our contact form, you can inform us of your inquiry along with your contact information.