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Fastlane Speedgates – Glassgate 200

The Glassgate 200 was the original model in the Fastlane range of Speedgates. It was created to be used in areas with low or limited footfall, but there still needs to be some security put into place. The single swinging glass barriers provide the ideal pedestal entrance control security solution.

The Fastlane Glassgate 200 model has a single glass swing barrier. Which is available in various height options from pedestal height to 1800mm for a standard lane width of 600mm. A single wide lane may be provided per set of lanes providing disabled access compliant to regulations. Using a dual barrier with the same elegant narrow pedestal width.


Glassgate 200 Options

The enclosure is supplied using stainless steel with a brushed stainless steel finish. Options for other materials and finishes on request.

The pedestal top is stainless steel that features Black Quartz Corian inserts. To, therefore, facilitate concealed or surface mounted card readers.

Glassgate 200 turnstiles

Glassgate Security Systems

This Glassgate model comes with an infrared detection matrix which connects to different Access Control and CCTV systems. This matrix helps to provides a deterrent for any tailgaters and those who are travelling in the wrong direction or trying to get into areas that is restricted.

Despite this being an earlier model it is absolutely not lacking security-wise. This Glassgate is perfectly suited for business buildings and schools, being effective yet affordable for keeping out tailgaters.

It also has a Throughput Management feature. Allowing the barriers to stay open for a set amount of time or until another authorised card is used. This saves time and traffic-build during peak hours. when a large amount of people will be entering the building.

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If you think that your premises would benefit from some extra security, such as from the Glassgate 200, please get in touch with one of our team today. We supply and install many different Fastlane Glassgate models. If you’re unsure which would work best for your entry, then we will be able to talk you through the differences.

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