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Fastlane Gates

Fastlane Speed Gates

Fastlane Speed Gates are a must in entertainment, hospitality and transport venues.  As the name suggests these gates are ideal fast lanes, allowing up to 60 people through per minute. Keep your venues secure and protected by guarantying only authorised access.

Bridge Door Systems provide the most reliable door and gate systems in Northern England. Our experienced team will be able to install your very own Fastlane Speed Gates. BDS are able to work around even the most precise specifications and fitting with the DDA or ADA regulations.


Fastlane Speed Gate Models

Each model of our Fastlane Speed Gates has a different design for different environments. Having Fastlane Speed Gates, from Glassgate 150 to 450 plus, there is plenty to browse, with disabled options for all. With such a range, here is a brief breakdown of each model.

The most popular model is the most simplistic: Glassgate 150. Operating in a bi-directional closed mode, these use dual glass swing barriers to allow people in and keep others out.

For the Original Model, try the Glassgate 200! With just a single glass swing barrier, these are focused more on security with footprint detection.

Combining elements of both 150 and 200, the Glassgate 250 is a modern upgrade. These are much wider and enable third-party devices, for mobile tickets. Choose from a width of 660mm or 914mm, these are ideal for train stations, sports venues and hotels.

Glassgates 300 offer many different barrier height options for maximum security. Using both Stainless Steel and Black Quartz Corian, these have a slick, modern design for top-of-the-range facilities.

For the highest quality of security and visual aesthetics, the Glassgate 400 is the one for you. Being a much larger design, these will prevent any tailgaters as well as prevent people from jumping over.


The Advantages of Fastlane Speed Gates

Out of all of our door and gate systems, what is so unique about Fastlane Speedgates? Well, there are many benefits of these security gates.

The focus of these gates is of course security. Being large systems and having exceptional detection, there is almost no chance at all of any tailgaters. Despite ensuring a quick and smooth entrance into a venue, these are also very safe.

As for a secure gate system, these are both safe and intelligent. Safely controlling traffic, being able to have two lanes open at once, for ingoing and outgoing. These gates have also been designed to ensure no false alarms, making them a really safe option.


Disabled Access too

Disabled Access is a huge priority with these gates, with all of our Fastlane Speed Gates coming with the option of a bigger size in width. Most importantly, they all fit with the DDA or ADA regulations, and Audio and visual feedback is provided as standard.

Thankfully for both us and you, these are easy to install and unlikely to break down, we can assure you that you will not have to ask around for repair services. Our teamwork with Fastlane Speedgates daily, meaning we know how to install them to make them last.


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