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Having an adequate security system is as important to businesses as having the right staff and the right equipment. It’s especially important if you’re surrounded by other buildings or businesses and you are in a busy area. If you haven’t got an external gates or barrier system installed already and you’re still not 100% sure why you need to get a security system installed, then carry on reading.

Here at Bridge Door Systems, we have been designing, creating and installing security gates and barriers for years. BDS have the experience and knowledge that will help us work with you to create a bespoke security system for your business. Both North East and North West teams have had years of training and practical experience.

Barriers and Gates across Manchester and afar

  • Easy to use

You may be thinking that an automated external gates or barrier system may be too complicated. But our team can talk you through the different options that we have available. You also have the option of getting just a standard gate or barrier which isn’t electrically operated. But that does mean you will need gate keeper available to open and close the gates during your working hours. Overall, the more convenient and easy-to-use, the better return on your investment.

  • Control entry and exit

If you do decide to get an electrically controlled gate or barrier, you’re able to then control who is able to enter and exit. You’re also able to keep a digital log of times. If you chose a manned security entrance, you still have the option of making people sign in and out which still gives you log.

  • Protects your premises

The gates offer a very visible show of security. It shows customers that you take your business and their custom serious. As well as being a way of protecting stock and assets.

  • Deters unwanted visitors

Of course barriers make it harder for any thieves to enter your premises, but it also makes it difficult for people to randomly trespass on your property. Especially if you’re in a busy area that get lots of foot fall. Getting rid of tailgaters and trespassers will give you peace of mind.

External Security across Radcliffe and Sedgefield

External Security, including External Gates, is important for all businesses, no matter how big or small. And Bridge Door Systems are the company for you, to keep your property secure to suit your preferences. BDS have years of experience.

If you would like some more information of the different external security solutions have, please get in touch with one of our team today. Our team of engineers cover the majority of both the North West and the North East. We have offices in both Radcliffe, Manchester and County Durham.