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Entry and Exit Gate Installation

Another site entrance secured by the BDS installation engineers on site in Burnley this week. Bridge Door Systems Ltd designed, supplied, installed and commissioned 2 x bespoke automatic double leaf entry/exit vehicle gates c/w self-closing pedestrian gate system.

This is in order to restrict unauthorised personnel from entering site. Whilst seamlessly integrating with the sites aesthetics and existing perimeter security as requested by the client. Bridge Door Systems have provided Entry and Exit Gate Installation services for years, with our customers loving how well the gates function.

As well as the security they provide and the very reasonable installation prices. The biggest choice you will have to make with these gates is whether you want your traditional entry and exit gates. Or if you would like them electric, depending on how much traffic will be going through them.


Manual or Electric?

Entry and Exit Gates, no matter if they are manual or electric, are ideal for industrial estates.  Giving you much needed privacy and independence from the surrounding businesses. This, of course, makes your business more exclusive, whether it means customers can only come in time slots.

Or if you are a highly competitive business will stop any competitors from catching a glance of what’s making your business so unique. With every new design, Entry and Exit gates are becoming much cheaper, and with the convenience. From simply guaranteed parking to being perfect for schedules deliveries. So it is most definitely worth the investment.


Entry and Exit Gate Systems BDS

Bridge Door Systems are the leading suppliers, designers and installers of unique door and gate systems in both the North East and North West. Covering a huge selection of door and gate systems, we can personalise any specific system. So you are in the safest, most reliable hands possible!


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