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Energy Efficient High-Speed Doors

Energy Efficient High-Speed Doors
Doors are an active part of a building; therefore, door usage and speed should be considered when evaluating energy performance. Thus, Energy Efficient High-Speed Doors can achieve significant energy savings while providing better traffic flow. When a shutter is open all day, the U-value and air leakage rate in the closed position become irrelevant as the heat escapes through the opening.
So, rather than being left in the open position. Energy efficient high-speed doors are frequently opened and closed, efficiently allowing traffic in and out of the building while contributing to climate control within the building.

Energy Efficient High Speed Doors INternal Applications

Internal high-speed doors are ideal for frequent use whilst separating critical interior areas. A wide range of internal speed doors is available to meet the many different requirements of industrial and commercial facilities.
These include variations optimised for high-traffic areas, food-grade hygiene environments, and reduced air permeability clean rooms. Or the demands of -20 degree cold rooms. High speeds and advanced safety systems combined with tight sealing and pressure resistance help control internal environments. Thus, improving the reliability of operations.

High Speed Doors External Applications

An external door is designed for frequent use in high-traffic situations and constructed to withstand harsh environments, usually found at warehouse/industrial openings or areas with high usage requirements. The main difference with an external speed door is that it must offer improved wind and weather resistance over internal doors. Thus, managing traffic flows creates a more pleasant internal working environment while saving energy.

Other key considerations include the level of security and insulation that the door needs to provide.


High Speed Doors Food and Hygiene Applications

Food-based environments are often the most demanding regarding the criteria the door has to meet to satisfy hygiene regulations. Our team can offer certified FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved internal door systems here at Bridge Door Systems. Your door systems can be more than just doors; but also be Food & Hygiene Applications.

Moreover, a high-speed door also can be used to maintain temperatures in separate factory sections. These door systems are more than just doors and can be in both commercial and industrial environments.
Furthermore, heating or cooling a specific area every time a door is opened can significantly increase operating costs. The heat lost from the premises or gained from the outside is drastically minimised thanks to their opening and closing speed. Therefore, the High-Speed Doors Food Applications and High-Speed Doors Hygiene Applications can hugely increase the efficiency of premises temperature control.

Energy Efficient High Speed Spiral Doors

High-speed spiral doors can prevent the invasion of outsiders and resist weather changes at the same time. It can cut off indoor and outdoor air convection. It is used in frequent access and is an ideal choice for industrial energy saving and consumption reduction.
Additionally, the high-speed spiral door uses a double spiral structure. The guide rail is advantageous to the acceleration of the door body, makes the door body more stable and reduces the noise when running at high speed, improving security performance.
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