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Does your building need Steel Hinged Doors?

Steel HingedDoors

Steel Hinged Doors come in many different models and will be a smart purchase for any building. Coming in Standard, Fire Certified and Security Rated models, Steel Hinged Doors ensure safety and security.

Bridge Door Systems offer exceptional door systems across Northern England. Located in both the North West and North East.

The most vital part of the Steel Hinged Doors purchasing process isn’t installation or design. the most important part is planning. Of course, you will need the dimensions of any door before installation, however, choosing the location is the most important.

Fire Doors especially need to have some thought about a convenient location for an exit. The planning must be focused on accessibility and safety for all. For instance, a poor way of executing this is a fire door followed by a staircase. This is of course because they need to be accessible for those with disabilities too.

However, there are many other uses for steel hinged doors. There are three different types. All serving different functions for your building.

Different Types of Steel Hinged Doors

As aforementioned, there are three types of Steel Hinged Doors: Standard, Fire Certified and Security Rated Doors. Let us give you some insight into each door. As well as tell you some of their advantages and help you to decide they suit your building.

Standard/Fire Exit Doors

Standard Steel Hinged Doors are your traditional Fire Exit Doors, which are a staple in every workplace. Despite their assumed simplicity, there are many different features and options for functionality. Additions can make these personalised, tailored to fit your specifications, with our team being flexible with adjustments.

Even without add-ons, these doors are versatile and most importantly, vital for any building. Especially in venues, shopping centres and workplaces, these are essential – you can’t put a price on safety!

Fire Certified Doors

Despite sounding the same, Fire Certified Doors are much safer than standard Fire Exits. Each door goes through individual assessments and tests, to make sure they have been manufactured as intricately as possible. With Bridge Door Systems, you can expect flexibility in design and a full-four hour safety check.

As well as this, BDS offer additions, such as astragal and dog bolt hinges, ensuring greater durability and security, whilst meeting your requirements. All of these doors are available with either vision panels or louvre panels.

Security Rated steel hinged Doors

Security Rated Doors are also physically tested to meet security, durability and overall quality requirements. These doors are tested by police to ensure that no low-level excess force can damage them. These doors may not have the same accessibility or aesthetic pleasure as its other counterparts as they focus solely on security.

BDS’ entire range of Security Rated Doors are fitted with security hardware – essentially preventing any break-ins.

If your building needs Steel Hinged Doors, contact Bridge Door Systems today for any door system installations and repairs. Our specialists work with different door systems on a daily basis, thus can tackle any task. With all of their years of training and experience, you are in the most reliable hands in the North!

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