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DHF Accreditation

DHF set the standards within the industry, being seen as the go to place for professional advice and training. Industry Leaders in quality management and extensive training to set staff and products up for success. The CSCS Card qualifies someone to work with different kinds of domestic and commercial systems.

Similarly to us, DHF are specialists when it comes to different barrier, gates & door systems for different environments. Working closely with BDS, the DHF accreditation is certainly taken seriously by our workforce. With many of them having undergone industry training with them too before working with us.

Bridge Door Systems boast a whole host of different accreditation, including DHF’s CSCS Scheme. This is to ensure that our workforce can go up and beyond for your gate or door system.

What does DHF Accreditation mean?

A CSCS Card is the DHF Accreditation, which determines your expertise in the door and gate industry. Workers need to undergo a course each for both industrial doors & gates, as per the Automatic Door Suppliers Association. When earning this accreditation, workers will also be given a DHF certificate as further proof of course completion.

The two most in demand courses are DHF Level 2 Award in IGD Safety + Level 4 in AGTB & IGD Legislation and DHF Level 2 Award in Industrial & Garage Door Safety. The first shining a spotlight on the legalities, requirements and specifications in different shutter and barriers. With the other focusing on industrial doors and different garage door/ shutter systems.

Additionally, we also provide safety courses to keep your workers and your property as safe as possible. These are intended for maintenance and installation engineers so they can nail your project.

What products can you work on with this?

Now that you have your CSCS Certifications, there is a lot of different equipment you can work on for Bridge Door Systems. Automated Gates & Barriers have to be perfectly installed or else they can be a major safety hazard. So knowing exactly how to install automated gate systems will certainly be useful when working with BDS.

Industrial Doors & Shutters will be the most important systems you need to know how to install in the industry. This is due to how many different systems come under this category, so knowing the ins and outs is vital. In short, DHF will have taught you how to professionally install a range of different systems.

Domestic Garage Doors are equally as important, as faulty domestic garage doors can put families at danger. As these tend to be smaller door systems, there are differences in the intricacies. However, if you can install all of these then you definitely have a chance at working for BDS!

Accreditation at Bridge Door Systems

Bridge Door Systems have high expectations of our workforce and so should our customers. We are known for our excellent results thanks to our quality of service and workmanship.

So, skip the hassle and entrust the best in the business at Bridge Door Systems. To get your project underway all you need to do is contact our team.