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CSCS Accreditation

Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is the biggest skills certification scheme for construction in the UK. Their aim is to bring the best quality of service to customers, by holding construction companies up to strict standards.

To add to this, CSCS boast the CSCS Card which is their form of certification/ accreditation. Owners of these cards are qualified to work in professional construction environments. Most construction companies actually demand that construction engineers have this card before employment.

Bridge Door Systems are certainly one of these companies, CSCS Cards being a crucial qualification. This is to guarantee that your gate & door installations are carried out by the most effective means possible. With the end result being that you have a system for the long term!

How can the Construction Skills Certification Scheme help workers?

Above all, CSCS aims to make construction environments and projects as safe as possible. Courses can vary from your Health & Safety basics to Safety Proofing your Construction environment. Most importantly, there is advice which will help you in the long term for the future of your career.

Among the CSCS Card scheme, there are actually a number of different cards for different areas of expertise. In short, there is a card for every level of the profession from trainee to manager and everything in between.

A CSCS Course will both teach and assess you on necessary construction skills, from installation to replacement services. Courses can vary in length depending on destination, for example you can do courses for specific cards. These can often be long term courses, with other courses being available for just a day!

How can I apply for a CSCS Card?

Firstly, workers will need to have had a degree of experience before even thinking about a CSCS Card. This can be anything from studying to basic skills employment, with a HS&E test also being necessary. The priority remains getting you into the industry and looking to develop further into it.

To actually apply, all you need to do is fill in the online form with a scanned version of your certificate. From here type your qualification into the Card Finder and have the Test ID ready to go. Finally all you have to do is pay the £36 application and everything else will be handled at your HS&E test.

Your profile picture will be taken at the HS&E test, to be used on your CSCS Card. From this point you will have to use your card as a means of ID on construction sites to show you are an authorised engineer.

Bridge Door Systems Accreditations

Boasting a number of different accreditations across our workforce, BDS only employ the most reliable engineers. This is so your new roller shutters, garage doors and more are all covered by our team. In short, no matter the problem we have an effective way of solving it!

To carry out your new door or gate project, start by contacting our experienced team. The quicker you get in contact, the quicker we can make a start!