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CSCS: Industrial Doors Manufacturing Accreditation

CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) is a training scheme, looking to get apprentices into the construction industry. Those who take this on will receive a certificate to prove they have the correct skills and training to work on a job site. Bridge Door Systems hold CSCS cards in high regard, as we believe it is a valid card to reflect your experience.

Before receiving your CSCS card you will undergo a HS&E test, in addition to downloading the CSCS Smart Card Check. It is important to note that there is more than just one card for all jobs. With a different card for each qualification from provisional to site manager, of course depending on your role.

Bridge Door Systems take each one of our accreditation seriously, with CSCS being no exception. No matter what your vision is CSCS can guide you on your way of achieving your dream job.


Construction Skills Certification Scheme Accreditation – Bridge Door Systems

The CSCS HS&E Test is the way of assessing whether or not workers are able to work safely and productively. This is carried out by testing workers on a range of topics from different construction areas. CSCS Card Finder will tell you exactly which test you need to take.

After that you will then be able to receive your CSCS Card. Being able to both physically and on the Card Finder App as a way of proving you are qualified later.

Both our North East and North West workforce hold CSCS cards in high esteem, prioritising health and safety above all else. For customers we ensure each one of our workers is trained and qualified to the highest standard.

Industrial Door Systems protect businesses across the country all day, every day.  So, invest wisely with Bridge Door Systems, who have the best system investments on the market. Not to mention, BDS’s repair services covers a 100 mile radius around Manchester.