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Certified Fire Door Installers For Your Safety

Fire shutters

All our engineers at Bridge Door Systems are certified fire door installers. This means we are fully committed to ensuring full building compliance, and that our company and employees have the correct accreditations to be performing each task to a safe and competent level.

Here at Bridge Door Systems, we have a long family history in the industrial door and gate industry. We pride ourselves on years of professional experience within the industry. Ensuring all door services and door repairs are completed on time and delivered on the scheduled dates. With our service being both friendly and professional!

Does Bridge Door Systems have the Correct Accreditations?

Many companies often require access for large vehicles to enter their business. Whether that’s manufacturing companies, retailers, and warehouses alike use heavy equipment to move goods on and off delivery vehicles. Fortunately, at Bridge Door Systems we have a team off well-trained professionals, certified in fire door installer UK. Who have plenty of experience with door and gate systems repairs.

We understand the importance of fire doors and what they do. However, we also understand that you want internal fire doors to also look the part. BDS never compromise on safety or appearance, so merging the two together leads to far greater results. Our certified fire door inspector will independently test and assess to check all the versatility and durability of our certified doors.

Do Fire Doors Need to be Certified?

For fire doors to be an effective method of protection, they must be not only carefully made but also fitted correctly. The slightest gap or crack between the door and the door frame can cause smoke or flames to escape and destroy the door’s capabilities. In fact, badly installed fire doors might only provide 5 – 10 minutes of protection. Which could seriously risk lives and damage property. As well as making it more difficult for firefighters to access and put out the flames.

Due to this, it is vitally important that only those people who are competent and skilled take responsibility for fitting fire doors. Even though the British Standard BS 8214: 2008 Code of Practice for Fire Door Assemblies does not require official qualifications from fire door installers, it is possible to undertake accreditation, which is a useful way to ensure skills are up to date and sufficient.

A fire door certified installer can offer some reassurance to customers that they are competent. Most significantly, studying for accreditation will make sure that the door set is as safe as it can be, and that it will provide an effective barrier between an outbreak of fire, and the people and property nearby.

What Does a Fire Door Test Involve?

Here at Bridge Door Systems, you can rest assured that our experienced team are qualified and have undertaken accreditations in fire doors to provide and talk you through which would work best for your business entries and exits.

Furthermore, our doors are always tested as a complete assembly. This means it’s fully fitted within a frame with all ironmongery and intumescent seals. The test environment will always be strictly controlled with both stringent safety and timing measures.


Get ready to start planning your new door system with us, today!