A Guide to Automatic Gates & Vehicle Barriers

Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates & Vehicle Barriers are arguably the most common gate systems. Appearing in private car parks, industrial estates, business parks and loading bays, just to name a few. Firstly, a top-quality Barrier system will not only protect your workplace but will also complement it.

If you’re thinking of making a new installation for your business, allow us to outline exactly what you can expect from Automatic Gates & Vehicle Barriers. From why you would invest in these gate systems to different types of barriers.

Why invest in a Gate or Barrier System?

Automatic Gates & Vehicle Barriers have many helpful functions.  which are handy for any business.

First and foremost, a major selling point for the installation of Automatic Gates & Vehicle Barriers is controlled access. Being able to control ingoing and outgoing traffic of your premise will give you much more room for organisation. Especially in a COVID-19 climate, organisation is even more important, controlling the number of customers to tend to at one time.

Like any gate/barrier system, security is a guarantee! Keep out potential intruders and even tailgaters with Automatic Sliding or Speed Gates, safely closing as fast as possible.

As well as these notable mentions, another positive to keep in mind is the height, with these Gates being able to be as tall as 11 metres.

If you are a seller, an effective Automatic Gate or Vehicle Barrier will add value to your property. Despite focusing on access and security, this doesn’t mean they can’t look visually appealing at the same time. A barrier system with a good finish; maximised security and intricate installation can only increase the value of your property.

Different types of Automatic Gates & Vehicle Barriers

There are four different Gate and Barrier Systems available here at BDS, each with different functionality.

Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gates are tall, efficient gate systems, that you can operate without having to lift a finger. Due to being made of aluminium frames of pristine condition, they prevent damage well and are able to withstand the test of time.

Automatic Hinged Gates are the barrier system best suited for smaller volumes of traffic. Made up of gate frames, these double gates can be as big as 8mW x 3mH. Automatic Hinged Gates are an excellent option especially if security is weighing on your mind.

Another path you may wish to go down could also be Automatic Bi-Folding Speed Gates, as they are the best compromise, due to having the best balance of security and control. If your site has a high traffic flow, these are perfect, being the fastest and safest to open and close.

Vehicle Barriers are used for specifically controlling vehicles and can be automatic and manual. Vehicle Barrier Systems can be completely personalised to meet your needs. Ranging from dimensions, size to access control systems.  Automated Vehicle Barriers are a must for any modern car park in any business setting.

North England Gate Systems

If you are looking to invest in either Automatic Gates or Vehicle Barriers, contact Bridge Door Systems. Bridge Door Systems covers the entirety of both the North East and North West of England, specialising in gate systems.

regardless of whether it’s installation, repairs or renovations that you require, Bridge Door Systems have the experience to get the job done right!

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