Automatic Bi-Folding Speed Gates

Bi-folding speed gates are again suited to sites where space is restricted whilst offering a compromise between security & traffic management in one product. Due to the fast-operating times bi-folding gates are an ideal measure for managing flow of traffic whilst maintaining a secure perimeter.

Automatic bi-folding speed gates specifications

We have two different sized speed gates, our single leaf speed gates span 5mW and the double leaf spans 10mW. Both sizes are available in a range of different infills and finishes.

All of our speed gates are rated for 100% duty cycle utilizing a 3 phase motor, worm and wheel gearbox with a direct drive shaft connected to the gearbox making this the ideal choice where heavy industrial usage is required.

Our  of our automatic bi-folding high speed doors are manufactured to suit the needs of your premises. That means our door engineers come out to check your required operational cycles. They will even check wind conditions of the location if needs be to ensure you purchase a speed gate that will tick all of your business needs.

We cover the majority of the North West and North East, all the way from Radcliffe to Sedge Field. For more information on the security door products and services that we provide, please head over to our contact us page!