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ALU & Panoramic Doors

Aluminium & Panoramic Doors are perfect for both commercial and household door systems alike. Thus offering a secure door system, which you can enjoy the view on the other side of the glass.


In both North West and North East England, Bridge Door Systems have been the lead company for any door and gate systems. No matter if you are looking for increased security, efficiency or shopping on a budget. Bridge Door Systems can work to meet even your most specific of needs.  Being here to install Aluminium and Panoramic Doors into any environment and to make it last there too!


The use of ALU & Panoramic Doors

In industrial environments, where light and visibility are of paramount importance, our ALU 40mm sectional door have been proven to be an indispensable. The door panel of an ALU door consists of multiple sections. Thanks to the custom-sized aluminium profiles, frames can be manufactured that have a very wide range of uses.

Even with windows, Folding Doors increase security, especially Aluminium Doors, being a lot heavier and thus durable material. Be bold and combine transparent, coloured, insulating or air-permeable windows with aluminium cassette panels. The panoramic door is a unique design in that the panels do not have any vertical dividers providing a wide panoramic view.

If you are interested in your very own ALU & Panoramic Doors, get in touch! The BDS team are always available to get started planning your new door system. Contact the team, here.

Panoramic doors

Sectional Overhead Doors

This style of door is perfect if you’re looking for something that is both durable and stylish. Similar to the rest of the overhead door we produce and install, these sectional overhead doors are created bespoke for your fitting. You’re also able to choose from a range of powder colour coatings.

Panoramic Doors at BDS

If you think your business premises would benefit from a panoramic door. Or any of the sectional overhead doors that we offer. Please get in touch with one of our office staff today. The Bridge Door Systems team of perimeter security engineers cover the whole North of England.